Relatives horrified over Elias Acevedo indictment

CLEVELAND - Having watched Thursday's FBI news conference together, Sonia Baez said, "It's unbelievable to hear all the counts and all the people that he's hurt, all the family that he's ruined with all the crime that he's done. It's just unbelievable."

Baez responded this way to the 293-count indictment of the person Baez and her siblings called a distant cousin, 49-year-old convicted sex offender Elias Acevedo. 

While authorities said Thursday the indictment against Acevedo includes charges for the aggravated murder of a "Jane Doe," those same authorities believe Acevedo is connected to the disappearance of Christina Adkins.

Police said Adkins was about five months pregnant around the time of her disappearance back in 1995.  Those close to Adkins said she was dating Jose Rivera around that time, as well.

"Rot in hell, a disgrace. I don't call him family," Rivera said Thursday of Acevedo. 

The family told NewsChannel5 of how upset they are with the crime that's been going on in their west side neighborhood and the horrors they learned a blood-relative committed.

Baez told NewsChannel5 not too long ago, she went to the FBI to warn them of Acevedo.  

"I told him to look into him, that he most likely had something to do with it and it turned out to be true," said Baez becoming emotional.

In regards to the remains recently discovered near the intersection of I-90, I-71 and I-490, Rivera's other sister Copelia Acosta said, "I do believe in my heart and soul that it's her.  I'm sorry for the family.  It makes me sad because I loved Christie, she was a good girl.  It makes me sad, but it also makes me sad because that could've been my niece or my nephew so, you know, I hope that finally this all comes to a conclusion and we can move on."

Last week when a source named Acevedo as a person of interest, Rivera and his sisters spoke to NewsChannel5.  They expressed sorrow but also relief that a suspect has been named.  They told NewsChannel5 for nearly 20 years, those close to Adkins blamed Rivera for her disappearance. 

NewsChannel5 did speak with Christina Adkins' sister Thursday.  Tonia Adkins said over the phone, they are in contact with the FBI but are not commenting at the moment.

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