Radio show host Art McKoy has local NRA training counselor in studio for spirited gun debate

CLEVELAND - With the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting still fresh in the minds of Americans, the gun debate remains a front and center issue in this country.

And Sunday night, W.E.R.E radio studios was the site of a spirited debate on the issue of gun control. Radio host Art McKoy invited N.R.A Training Counselor Luther E. Norman in studio.

"More guns mean less violence? That is ludicrous," argued McKoy.

The banter went back and forth while radio show listeners called in arguing both sides of the issue.

One unidentified caller said to McKoy, "You're angry at the wrong people. I respect Mr. Norman's position," while another caller was upset with the N.R.A's position on being able to carry guns, claiming there are too many guns on the street.

Throughout the debate there was mutual respect for each opinion and at the end of the day most had to agree to disagree.

As the show was wrapping up, the "O" Men's Motorcycle Club gathered outside of W.E.R.E's studio to say a prayer and honor the shooting victims of Connecticut.

They released green, white and blue balloons in memory of the kids and teachers. The green and white balloons represented the Sandy Hook Elementary School's colors and the blue balloon's represented the number of victims, the, "Angels going to heaven," said one participant

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