Police arrest woman in 'cleaning fairy' burglary

WESTLAKE, Ohio - Westlake police now have a woman in custody they said is the "cleaning fairy" burglar.

According to the Westlake Police Department, Elyria police officers stopped the 53-year-old woman Tuesday night.

The so-called "cleaning fairy" burglar is currently in jail, but she has not yet been charged.

Police said the woman dubbed a real-life "cleaning fairy" broke into a house last week and a left a bill for the housework she did. According to police, the woman entered the Dover Center Road residence while homeowner Mallory Bush slept, did some light cleaning and left a bill for $75 on a napkin before leaving.

When Bush awoke, she found the note and several items out of place.

"Stuff was moved around and it was cleaner. On a napkin note that said, came here to clean today, and had a name and address and a bill for $75, so I figured my parents hired a cleaning person," Bush said.

However, there were no signs of forced entry and police said nothing was missing.

The woman had not been hired to do any cleaning at the home.

Investigators later called the woman, who police said became irate and hung up, but not before yelling that she "does this all the time."

Bush's parents tracked down the name on the napkin and called the woman.

"She said she was driving down the street and randomly picked out house and cleaned it cause she was desperate for money," Bush said.

Charges against the woman are expected to soon be filed.

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