Plan decides how many Cleveland police officers patrol the streets and where

CLEVELAND - Cleveland police leaders presented their Cleveland Division of Police 2014 workload application and platoon staffing to the Cleveland City Council's safety committee Wednesday.

The department uses a formula to determine the number of police officers in each police district. It is based on crimes, the size of the district and number of calls for service. Safety Director Michael McGrath said it is a formula used nationwide. "You get a pretty fair deployment ratio when you use the formula," said McGrath.

The city has been using it for about 15 years. There are not any dramatic changes in the number of officers in each district, McGrath added.

Daisy Pudelski has owned Daisy's Ice Cream Stand for 38 years. She has seen Slavic Village change over that time. "Seeing a police officer makes a difference, " said Pudelski.

There is a program geared toward putting more police on the streets. It is called the beat program. It uses ward allocations to hire off-duty police officers during big events or peak times in Slavic Village. "This is additional support for CPD," said Cleveland City Councilman Tony Brancatelli.

Cleveland has just over 1,500 police officer. The fourth district has the most at 186, the first district has the least with 131.


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