Parma residents to vote on Issue 78, police levy renewal

Levy will not increase taxes

PARMA, Ohio - On Nov. 6, Parma residents will head to the polls to vote on Issue 78, a 2 mill Parma police renewal levy that will be used for officer salaries, training and equipment.

Passage of the levy would cost homeowners $70 per year on a $100,000 house.

Parma city officials met with residents to get the word out that passing the levy renewal would not increase their taxes.

"We're getting out there telling the message, for as little as 17 cents a day, that we can keep moving Parma in the right direction and keeping our neighborhoods safe," said Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter.

Though the city's population is higher, Parma has fewer officers per capita than Canton and Youngstown.

"Our police department is very low staffed for a city this size," said Parma Police Chief Robert Miller. "We are running lean. We are running frugal and the officers do their very best to keep the city safe for all residents."

The Parma Police Department currently has 100 officers. City leaders said there will be fewer officers on the streets if the levy fails. If it passes, the goal is to add 10 more officers.

While some residents do not want to lose officers, they said they will struggle to meet their daily expenses even though the levy means no tax increase.

Other residents, however, realize it was a price worth paying.

"I know that they are well trained and what I've seen in the past, I just hope that it continues that way," said resident Tony McGinty.

"Safety is always an issue," said resident Kirsten English. "I want to be safe and I want to feel safe in my home."

The current Parma police levy supports 30 percent of the department's budget.

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