Parma City Schools inform parents, staff, students of possible measles exposure

PARMA, Ohio - Parma City Schools reported to students, staff and parents that it is possible they were exposed to measles last week.

The note indicated that the case has not yet been confirmed. Parents received the notification on Tuesday.

The two schools where the possible outbreak took place are Parma Senior High and Thoreau Park School. School officials said it was between April 28 and May 2.

The alert sent to parents by phone and email did not mention the number of students, teachers or staff that may have been affected.

"I'm terrified," said Carrie Murray, who has a child at one of the schools affected. "The first thing you think of is 'will my child have to be hospitalized'," she continued.

University Hospitals Doctor Frank Esper said there has been anywhere from 20 to 30,000 reported cases of the measles in the Philippines, which could be having an impact in the states because of travel to and from the country.

"When you look at all the outbreaks that we have had, what happens is a person gets exposed when they travel overseas or a person comes to the United States and brings measles with them," Esper said.

Evamere Elementary School in Hudson is also investigating a possible measles exposure.

The Associated Press reported April 29 that 26 cases of measles had been confirmed in Knox, Coshocton, Wayne, Richland and Ashland counties.

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