Orange HS senior Matthew Harris surprises date Casey Brown with ‘Pitch Perfect' jazz choir promposal

PEPPER PIKE, Ohio - Pretend you’re a high school student approaching prom weekend and you want to impress that someone special when you ask them out.

Thing is, everyone’s doing something special these days. They call them “promposals ": balloon-filled boxes, a “'Lego' to the prom" sign, a locker full of flour (“flours” = flowers) and other clever, intricately-planned efforts. So, how does a guy still pull off the big surprise?

If you’re Matthew Harris, a senior at Orange High School, you get a little help from your friends and lean on your love of music and movies.

With their prom coming April 26, Matthew has long wanted to ask fellow senior Casey Brown, who he describes as “amazing.”

So he recruited the Orange High Jazz Choir to perform “Just the Way You Are/Just a Dream” from the movie “Pitch Perfect” and rehearsed with them in the school the night before.

But he still had to get Casey out of her room without tipping her off. This is where it got tricky because, as Matthew points out, “this is the time of year so many girls are asked to prom.”

Even though he had Karen Taylor, who staffs the front desk, call Casey to the office, he realized it’d be better to spring the surprise on her way back to class because then she wouldn't see it coming.

It worked. (Of course.)

She told him, “At first I thought I was walking into the middle of someone else’s 'promposal' but as I walked further and saw you come out, I knew it was for me.”

You have to watch the video  to really appreciate her reaction. Go on, we’ll wait. It’ll put a smile on your face.

Now, Matthew says he and Casey aren’t dating but she’s been one of his best friends throughout high school so he wanted to do something “elaborate” for her.

“I didn’t want to do just the average asking to prom,” he said. “I wanted to be different.”

He certainly succeeded by that measure. The gesture has already racked up more than 1,100 views on YouTube and been one of the biggest posts ever on the Orange Schools Facebook page.

Though he surprised Casey, after that performance it comes as no surprise that Matthew plans to study musical theatre after graduation, hopefully either at the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music or at Kent State.

If he has his way, you’ll see him on stage with his name in lights on Broadway. Or, even in movies and on TV.

In fact, he’s set to skip the line and audition for American Idol after recently winning the “American Idol Experience” in Walt Disney World.

Good luck to you both! 

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