Orange High School receives late night threat of biochemical agent in ventilation system

PEPPER PIKE, Ohio - Orange High School officials said late Monday night they received a new threat, that a biochemical agent was supposedly put in the ventilation system.

A message to students, their parents and staff noted the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and the FBI were both contacted immediately after receiving the threat to determine its legitimacy.

"Both agencies agreed that it is not a credible threat or plausible scheme. This is yet another threat whose intent is to manipulate us by striking fear and panic among our students, staff and parents," the letter stated.

Officials at the school also said, "It's important that we face this situation and not allow the perpetrator to control our fears. Orange High School will hold classes on Tuesday as scheduled."

The FBI is continuing to investigate the source of the most recent threat.

Last week, Orange High School was closed for several days after receiving numerous bomb threats. None of those threats were determined to be credible. These incidents are also under investigation.

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