Ohio's eight U.S. presidents have many local historic sites to visit on Monday's Presidents' Day

Ohio presidents celebrated on Monday

CLEVELAND - Presidents' Day will be celebrated in America's National Parks and through online historic preservation programs. Ohio has played a pivotal role in the election of the president of the United States, but Ohio's connection to the White House goes deeper.

Eight men (seven were born here) called Ohio home before making the White House their temporary dwelling.

Of the four men assassinated while serving as President, two were Ohioans: James Garfield and William McKinley.

Eight Presidents died in office and four of those were from Ohio: William Harrison, James Garfield, William McKinley and Warren G. Harding.

Of the nine Presidents portrayed on US paper currency, two were from Ohio: Grant and McKinley.

Of the 12 Presidents that were generals during their lifetime, 5 were from Ohio: William Harrison, U.S. Grant, Rutherford Hayes, James Garfield and Benjamin Harrison.

The Ohio Presidents:
• William Henry Harrison (9th)  Born in Virginia but lived in North Bend, Ohio when elected
• Ulysses S. Grant (18th) Point Pleasant, Ohio
• Rutherford B. Hayes (19th) Delaware, Ohio
• James A. Garfield (20th) Orange, Ohio
• Benjamin Harrison (23rd) North Bend, Ohio
• William McKinley (25th) Niles, Ohi
• William H. Taft (27th) Cincinnati, Ohio
• Warren G. Harding (29th) Corsica, Ohio

With information and the actual homes, monuments and memorials of more than 30 presidents, the National Park Service is the place to go to explore your Presidents' Day IQ.

"Besides in-person visits, you can explore America's presidents through the collections of the Historic American Buildings Survey," said National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis. "The documentation of these sites, their birthplaces, boyhood homes, private residences and even the White House, provide a fascinating look into the homes and serve as an invaluable key to the preservation and long-term care of these landmarks. "

A special website at http://www.nps.gov/findapark/president-habs.htm provides links to presidential park sites and Historic American Buildings Survey studies for the homes of, and monuments and memorials to, more than 30 presidents. 

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