Ohio Flags of Honor Tour comes to Olmsted Falls, but labor of love can be a challenge

OLMSTED FALLS, Ohio - Each American flag waving in the July 4th breeze outside Olmsted Falls City Hall represents Ohio servicemen and women killed in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere in the world fighting terrorism.

The name of the fallen hero is placed on the flags by Gino Zimmer whose son, Army Private First Class Nicholaus Zimmer was killed in Iraq in 2004.

Zimmer started the Ohio Flags of Honor to make sure Ohio's fallen heroes are always remembered.

"I grew up during Vietnam and I saw how the soldiers, troops were treated. I was too young to go, but I didn't want to see it happen again." Zimmer said.

Zimmer recently made flag number 290.

Each time Zimmer takes the flag tour to a city, like Olmsted Falls, the name of every fallen hero is read aloud and a family member or veterans group carries and places the flag, until all the flags are together.

Zimmer stores and cares for the flags and treats every flag with a special touch.

"I treat every single flag with respect, grace and kind hands. I handle it properly. It is a reflection of that person," Zimmer said.

Zimmer hauls the flags around Ohio in his 22 year old truck, which is breaking down.

"We're grass roots, so we don't  have any big donations. We're holding it together. I had to borrow trucks from some buddies for some events," Zimmer said.

The Ohio Flags of Honor tour is on display at Olmsted Falls City Hall until Saturday at 3 PM.

Zimmer donates his time and has started a non-profit to keep the "Ohio Flags of Honor" tour going.

You can learn more on the Ohio Flags of Honor website, where you can make a donation if you would like.

Ohio Flags of Honor will be in Castalia July 18 through July 20.


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