Notre Dame College seasonal temporary assistant track & field coach fired for off-campus incident

SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio - An off-campus altercation on Saturday led to the firing of a part-time track & field coach at Notre Dame College.

The altercation over the weekend involved the coach and a student athlete, the college said. "The coach has been terminated and is banned from campus," explained Brian Johnston, chief communications officer at NDC.

The spokesman said the campus community was promptly notified of the incident and is being kept informed of "appropriate developments."

Local police and the prosecutors' offices have been notified for consideration of any charges related to the altercation.

"The college is working closely with students and coaches who may have been involved in the incident in any way," said Johnston.

"In any situation like this, the safety of Notre Dame students and other members of the college community is paramount," he continued. "The College has taken an aggressive proactive stance to protect its members  and will always take that approach. Notre Dame College is a national leader in promoting campus safety and security and treats every threat seriously and will accept nothing less."

The name of the coach has not been released nor have details of the incident.

Notre Dame College said the coach was a "seasonal temporary assistant track & field coach."

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