North Olmsted man charged with public indecency after allegedly exposing himself to girls

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio - A North Olmsted man has been charged with public indecency again after allegedly exposing himself to girls at the park.

Bryan Gudat, 23, received the charges through Rocky River Court and has three previous public indecency charges.

He will be arraigned at a later date that is not yet known, North Olmsted police said.

Two 11-year-old girls at North Olmsted Park for cheerleading practice said the man was standing outside the restroom exposing himself on Thursday, Sept. 27.

The girls went into the restroom because one scraped her knee. When the other went outside, she noticed a black sporty car with tinted windows had pulled up so she went back inside the restroom.

Both cheerleaders then left the restroom together where they noticed a man near a dumpster exposing himself while smoking a cigarette.

The girls ran back toward the cheerleading squad and looked back to see the man staring at them. They told police he didn't leave immediately.

Embarrassed, the girls didn't tell their coach at first, instead telling their parents when they got home.

Authorities were then advised that their presence was needed in the area.

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