New marina plans for the Downtown Cleveland Lakefront


Friday night,  the GoodTime III was ready to go.  Parked at the North Coast Harbor, the ship's captain, Rick Fryan, saw the long line of people waiting to get on and said, "Oh yeah, it's happy hour on the Good Time!"
Well known as an entertainment cruise for the area, the GoodTime III is one of the only event attractions at the Downtown Cleveland Lakefront, but soon it won't be alone. 
The City of Cleveland released new blue prints for a marina that will soon join the North Coast Harbor, its name:  The North Coast Harbor Transient Marina.
"That's wonderful, I think this will attract a lot of visitors," said Dr. Joy Kouns-Lewis waiting to get on the GoodTime III.  "I think it would just enhance what's
going on, so I think it's great, what's going on," said Latrice Shields, buying tickets for the ship's next trip.
Like Kouns-Lewis and Shields, those enjoying the lakefront Friday seemed to like the new upgrade plans that is what the city is hoping for said Jacqueline Mayo, Manager of Communications for the city's Department of Port Control.
The plan is to give boaters a chance to join in on the action, allowing them to park for a few hours. The Marina's expected to hold 48-or more boats and there's also plans for a floating amenities building that is said to house bathrooms and even showers.
The location of the new marina, however, is right behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where the GoodTime III picks-up and drops-off passengers. 
Renders for the new marina show space for the ship, which is all good news for the GoodTime III's captain who said, he's looking forward to construction.
"They want to have more activities down here.  I of course would love to have more people down here and perhaps they'll take a cruise and see the city," said Capt. Rick. 
He will have to move though.  Capt. Rick said he's already worked out plans to move to the east side of the East 9 th  Street pier which means he's not moving far. 
The only thing Fryan said the city needs next is a restaurant on or near the marina. 
The city is planning to begin construction as-early-as the Fall with plans to have the marina completed by next year.  Mayo said over the phone the entire project costs an estimated $2.3 million.  They are getting help from an estimated $1.9 million grant.
The North Coast Harbor Transient Marina is said to be the first piece to be completed in the city's 2012 Downtown Lakefront Plan.  Officials have been discussing  lakefront plans since the previous administration.
Finalized details to come.
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