New film, 'Criminal Activities', begins downtown Cleveland shooting schedule

New film stars John Travolta

CLEVELAND - Jennifer and Genevieve Galindo hopped in their car Tuesday morning in Detroit, Michigan. Three hours later they had a front row seat to the latest film being shot and produced in downtown Cleveland, "Criminal Activities."

The film starring John Travolta is set to have its crews shoot scenes in and around Cleveland until June 26.

"I think it's cool," said Jennifer Galindo. "Down in Detroit they do a few filmings, so it's cool to come down to Cleveland to see what's going on. We're here just to see all the action."

The Galindo sisters have already acted as extras in previous films shot in Detroit, but they have struck out on their visits to Cleveland so far.

"We were in "Low Winter Sun" and we were an extra in "Transformers"," said Genevieve Galindo. "We were trying for Batman and Superman, but we were going to try [for "Criminal Activities"] but this is a long drive. It depends on how long you're here for, but we got about $200 for the day on the last movie."

Often traveling around the country, if not the world, Assistant Prop Master Kelleigh Miller, who lives in Akron with her husband, says the drive to Cleveland for this shoot and many other films recently filmed close by has worked out well for her.

"It's not a bad commute and I'm making a living doing what I love to do," said Miller. "It's pretty amazing to be home and work. I also often travel for work and the last few years I haven't had to travel as much. I get to go home at night and still get to make some amazing movies. Last year we worked on 'Draft Day', and we had 'Captain America' here, some big blockbuster stuff so we're hoping for some good things for this one."

"Criminal Activities'" producers Howard Burd and Micah Sparks were wooed to Cleveland by the Greater Cleveland Film Commission's Ivan Schwarz. The City of Cleveland can offer film crews who pay a premium in larger cities a much better bang for their buck.

The two took time to talk to NewsChannel5 crews early on the first day of shooting regarding the film's storyline.

"It's really about the journey of four boys, their evolution, from high school all the way to being young professionals, and the challenges that they come upon and some circumstances they rather not be in. So, all the fun ensues once they get in a situation they aren't equipped to handle," said Burd.

Shooting onsite until June 26, 2014, "Criminal Activities" may alter traffic in the Cleveland area.

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