Neighbor spots black bear in Brecksville backyard

Wildife experts offer tips for keeping bears away

BRECKSVILLE, Ohio - A black bear was recently spotted in a Brecksville backyard near Fitzwater Road. 

The black bear was seen eating food that a homeowner left outside for cats.

Neighbors are seeing more deer and coyotes in Brecksville, but no one can remember a backyard bear sighting in recent memory.

Ariel Zatorski, her cat Moulan, brother Steve and their mom enjoy walking in the woods behind their Brecksville home and the nearby metro parks.

But they're not alone.

"A lot of kids play and walk around in the woods and metro parks around here," Aerial said.

"I knew the bears were coming from Pennsylvania eventually, but I'm not ready for bears here in Brecksville," Steve said.

Animal control said to reduce the chance of attracting bears to your backyard, you should eliminate outdoor food source like bird feeders, pet food, keep garbage cans secured and clean excessive grease from grilles.

Wildlife experts advise that if you encounter a bear don't make eye contact, leave the bear an escape route and back away slowly.

Brecksville Police said there have no other bear sightings in recent days.

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