Mother of East Cleveland murder victim Shetisha Sheeley feared the worst when daughter went missing

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio - Kim Sheeley said her 28-year-old daughter, Shetisha Sheeley, called her on the phone in September.

She said she was stopping by the next day to borrow a little money, but Shetisha never showed.

Kim Sheeley said she called Cleveland police and they sent an officer to her house on East 100th Street and St. Clair Avenue. Sheeley said she asked to file a missing person's report and the officer took notes.

Then on Dec. 22, Sheeley learned the tragic news that her 25-year-old son, Don'tel Sheeley, was shot and killed on East 99th Street in Cleveland.

Kim Sheeley said when Shetisha never showed up for her brother's funeral or other siblings' birthdays she feared the worst.

On Tuesday morning, Kim Sheeley was called to the East Cleveland Police Department. Detectives told her that fingerprints from one of the three bodies found in East Cleveland over the weekend matched those of her daughter.

Sheeley cried in the arms of a friend who held her tight outside her East Cleveland house as she struggled to deal with the news.

"I don't know why this person did what they did to my daughter. But I ask everyone to pray for me. This has been really, really hard on me," Kim Sheeley said.

"My son was murdered seven months ago. This is all taking a toll on me," she said.

"Shetisha had a great sense of humor. She was funny and always made me laugh."

Kim Sheeley is also battling cancer in the middle of all this overwhelming grief.

Shetisha Sheeley leaves behind a 12 year old daughter who was living with another family member prior to Sheeley's disappearance.

The family is setting up a trust fund to help pay for funeral expenses.

The suspect in the murders, 35-year-old Michael Madison, was arrested Friday after a standoff with police.

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