Medina man adopts Cleveland APL's stolen pup

CLEVELAND - Lucy, the stolen pup from the Cleveland Animal Protective League, is finally with her new owner.

Mark Hange of Medina, Ohio picked up the stolen pup Saturday to take her to her new home.

"I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure the only time we were going to see her again was the pictures that we had. It's really nice to have her back," said Hange.

Lucy was smuggled from the APL on Thursday, after Hange had already started the adoption process.

According to Cleveland Police, Lucy was taken from her cage at the APL by a woman who claimed she just wanted to give the dog a good home.

Checking on a tip, Cleveland Police responded to a home in Cleveland's Second District early Friday morning and recovered the dog.

The woman has not been charged at this time. Cleveland APL officials are consulting with prosecutors on what steps to take next.

"We certainly want to send the message that coming into this building and stealing a living being, especially a living being that already had a family, is not ok," said Cleveland APL CEO Sharon Harvey.

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