Mariel Hemingway film in Cleveland International Film Festival

Hemingway on book tour for The Willing Way

CLEVELAND - Bouncing between interviews and book tour engagements in Cleveland Tuesday, actress and author Mariel Hemingway breezes into a private Ritz-Carlton meeting room for a morning interview with NewsChannel5 with her partner and co-author, Bobby Williams.

A warm, sincere smile never leaves her face. It wasn't always an easy smile for the 51-year-old growing up.

"I didn't know I was depressed until I wasn't depressed, because I was depressed all my life. I was scared all my life that I was either going to wake up crazy, or have cancer like my mother did, or addicted, or this or that, " said Hemingway.

"Now, I did have addiction in that I was addicted to, like, being obsessed with health, I was controlling, I was this, I was that, I exercised too much, I was an extremist, but I was in search of balance. I really just wanted to be healthy and I was so scared... and what's great is there was no real understanding that I was sad or depressed because I didn't know anything different. I mean, I didn't know what it was like to be Mariel Jones, I just knew what it was like to be Mariel Hemingway."

Dedicating themselves to a healthy way of attitude and living life in their fifties, Hemingway and Williams have co-authored a book, "The Willing Way," a combination title using both of their last names, but also a way of approaching what goes into their bodies as well as a natural way of staying fit, feeling younger.

"Let us give you the tools to find your best self," said Hemingway.

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