March & vigil held for two women still missing from Cleveland's west side

CLEVELAND - Saturday, dozens braved the cold and marched down Denison Avenue on Cleveland's west side in an effort to remind community members, there are still people missing in their area.

Those marching, walked for Ashley Summers and Christina Kleckner, two missing persons cases police made sure to remind the community of during the news conference held for an indictment in the case of Christina Adkins.

"Just because Gina, Amanda and Michelle were found, the Guardian Angels have a purpose and that's to make sure our community is safe and so, just because they were found, we still have more people that are missing," said Angel Arroyo, a Guardian Angel member and Pastor in the Cleveland area.

Arroyo and the Guardian Angels let the walk down Denison Ave. but before then, they held a candlelight vigil in remembrance of the missing person who was not found alive, Christina Adkins. 

Then the march began with chants ringing through the streets, "Who do want? Ashley.  Who do we want? Christina."

Those walking went from Denison Ave. near Ridge Avenue all the way to Fulton Avenue. Gina DeJesus' parents Felix DeJesus and Nancy Ruiz, who both attended the Friday vigil for Adkins, made sure to take part in the march and vigil Saturday. 

But the fact that mostly family participated and not the greater community is what upset Ruiz.

"The families that really need to be out here, they should be out here supporting this family.  I mean, it could be one of theirs, God permit that it isn't, but if it happened to them they're going to want to want the rest of us to back them up."

"Where is my community?" she asked, "Please, come out and join us.  This family is hurting and I know and understand their hurt.  Please just come out and join us."

"These are people's loved ones," said Linda Summers, Ashley Summers' step-Grandmother.  "What if it was your daughter or your son that went missing, or your mother or your father?  How would you feel not knowing where they're at? You'd want to know? Think about them as your own family.  We need to start being more aware of our own community and start reaching out to each other and helping each other, not just in this issue but other issues too," she said.

Ashley Summers was last seen in Cleveland on July 9, 2007 near the vicinity of West 96th Street and Madison Avenue. More information on her disappearance can be found here .

Christina Kleckner is a mentally disabled woman who was last seen on the 3600 block of 48th Street in Cleveland on October 1, 2011.  More information on her disappearance can be found here .

The Cleveland Police Department has more than 90 people registered as missing on their website with at least three people registered just this past Friday, October 24, 2013.

There are hundreds of thousands of children missing nation-wide.  For more information, click here .

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