Man accused of carrying weapons into Crocker Park theater described as friendly by neighbors

One neighbor assumed Scott Smith was cop

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio - The man accused of carrying a bag full of weapons into Regal Cinemas at Crocker Park Saturday night is described by neighbors as friendly and talkative.

"Nice guy, good neighbor. The come over, help you out type guy. Just a great guy," said Linda Lalonde, who lives across the street from Scott Smith on Emerald in North Ridgeville.

Smith was arrested two days after an off-duty officer at the movie theater spotted a suspicious satchel.

Lalonde knew Smith had guns, but she said nothing about them alarmed her. Another neighbor, who's a member of the fraternal order of police and declined to be named, said he assumed Smith was a cop.

He said the 37-year-old had a number of law enforcement-related decals on his truck and often carried what he thought was a concealed weapon on his hip.

"I'm totally surprised," said Pati Habenicht. Habenicht, who also lives nearby on Emerald, became friendly with Smith over their mutual enthusiasm for motorcycles. "Nothing out of the ordinary," she added.

"This is a pretty quiet, middle class neighborhood. Everybody here works and takes care of their houses. Just your basic average middle-class neighborhood," said Habenicht, who's lived on Smith's street for 26 years.

Smith reportedly lives with his 1-year-old daughter and wife in their home. None of the neighbors said they knew the family well, but Lalonde said she and her family had a nice visit with the Smiths at their home soon after their daughter was born last year.

"I didn't really know them, know them. Just knew him enough to know he was a good guy," Lalonde said.

The ranch-style house sits at the beginning of the quiet, tree-filled street. Small American flags dot the front lawn and a motorcycle sits out front. But no one answered the door the day after Smith was arrested.

"I still think there's got to be more to this than it seems because I can't imagine them being involved in anything that's not right," said Lalonde.

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