Lewis was scheduled to be sentenced June 10th in the E.87th fire that killed nine

CLEVELAND - The grandmother of one of the victims tells NewsChannel 5 that sentencing for Antun Lewis has been postponed again.  Lewis was scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday June, 10 in the deadly Cleveland E. 87th house fire that killed 9 people in 2005.

"Why is he not sentenced," asked Rosalind Golden, grandmother of Miles Golden Cockfield who was killed in the fire. "I don't understand."

A law enforcement official familiar with the case confirms the postponement of the sentencing.

Lewis was twice convicted for the 2005 E. 87th fire that killed a woman, four of her children and four other youngsters attending a birthday sleepover.

"I just can't wait for it [the sentencing] to be over with," said Tameelah Golden, Miles Golden's sister. "I just want it to be over and done with, it's been too long."

Lewis' conviction in the first trial was dismissed after the judge ruled jailhouse informants used by prosecutors were unreliable.

Since the death of Miles Golden, his family has held a community talent show in his honor. Money raised from the annual event is going toward a memorial for all nine victims.



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