Lakewood receives 10 percent of promised salt delivery Wednesday

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - Lakewood still only has enough salt to salt the streets once, the city spokesperson said Wednesday.

The city has not been getting the salt it has ordered, causing a shortage - the city has received about 365 tons of salt since Tuesday, but usually keeps 700 tons on hand in the winter months.

Lakewood, Shaker Heights, Canton and several other cities report their road salt reserves have hit extremely low levels.

"This is a very serious issue in the city of Lakewood, and our 92 miles of roads," said Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers. "We probably have 35,000 cars that reside in our city."

"It's not really a salt supply issue, it's delivery logistics. Morton can't keep pace with growing demand due to the single-digit temperatures, and simply can't deliver enough product to local cities."

Morton told that its working hard to meet an increased demand as snow and cold continues to affect Northeast Ohio roads.

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