Lakewood holds citywide, 3-day, yard sale starting Thursday

Yard sale fanatics hit Lakewood yard sales early

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - Moving out of a home for a warmer winter climate in lieu of retirement can be daunting. That's why Darrel and Chris Echard, who live on the north side of the 18000 block of Lake Ave. in Lakewood, started pulling everything they could to sell out to the front lawn early Thursday morning.

The married couple are hoping almost none of it will have to be packed for their move to San Diego within the next two years.

"He has a lot of tools. It takes up about half of the garage, so that was our main motivation. His mom passed away about a year and a half ago, so we have a lot of beautiful artwork," said Chris Echard. "I have a lot more in the house."

Without another yard sale within sight of the Echard's display, deal-seekers bargained early. Admittedly, this was the couple's first yard sale together.

"We'll deal. It's all negotiable, I have a lot of tools, but for the right price, it will go," said Darrell Echard.

Veteran yard sale seller Elspeth Pardo on Parkside Drive had her tables set up along her cozy driveway lined by cooling vegetation for humidity relief-seeking buyers.

It was cash only, no checks here.

"We do this about three times a year. We made about 1,900 dollars last time," said Pardo.

When asked who are the toughest at negotiating a price down on a yard sale item, Pardo was quick with her answer.

"Women. Women will keep on you, and on you until you get to their price. I usually just say for them to go somewhere else if they can find it better. I don't like to squabble over things, but I'm also not going to give things away," said Pardo.

Kathy Mahall and her widowed husband were recently married, so a yard sale of his things and hers found their way to their Clifton Ave. rented home. They hope to start fresh in a new home, so deals were easily found on their lawn as well.

They both found women know how to handle yard sale item negotiating on this first day of a three day, Lakewood-wide, selling adventure.

"Oh women, women, women, women. But, men will complain about it if you say no to a price. They'll say alright. They drive up and they look, and they stop and I know they're after just one thing. And they usually get it, you know. So it works out," laughed Mahall.

A serious yard sale aficionado Jennifer Harrison visited as many yards as she could with her daughter Chanell, Chanell finding three prints by artists suitable for framing.

"They're wants more than needs. I don't really need anything, really. It's cheap, though. I love yard sales for vintage clothing and jewelry. My mom got me into this," said Chanell Harrison.

Dealing with Pardo and her vast supply of unique items, Jennifer found a couple things that piqued her interest and pocketbook. One was a wooden, movable body parts doll on a stand for dressing doll clothes.

"I got some noisy things! I got a nice wind chime from India which is very cool, I'm going to re-thread it. Put a cool little rope on it. And then I got this guy which these today are very popular for decor and you see them used. You can find them at IKEA, but I have an original here," said Jennifer Harrison.

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