Lakewood dance a bonding experience for dads and daughters

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - Lauren Heba didn't know if her dad could dance but she was going to find out.

The Lakewood sixth grader and her father Bob were taking part in a father-daughter dance at Lakewood High School Friday evening.

“When I was getting this corsage, the lady there was, 'I still remember my very first father-daughter dance and that was many, many years ago' and I have a feeling I'll remember this one,” Heba said.

The dance was sponsored by Lincoln Elementary School’s All Pro Dad’s Group.

“All Pro Dad is an organization of volunteers that’s focused on empowering dads to be better role models and be more proactive with their kids,” said Ryan Salo, team captain for the Lincoln Elementary All Pro Dad group.

Salo said he had hoped to draw 150 dads and daughters, but just 45 minutes into the dance they had 430 attendees.

Dinner consisted of pizza, pasta and homemade desserts. A DJ spun tunes while girls from toddlers to high school-aged danced with their dads.

Not all danced, some spent time off the dance floor spending quality time bonding with each other.

“It’s really cool,” Lauren Heba said reflecting on her bonding time with her dad.

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