Lakewood City Council ready to tackle safety concerns over Detroit Avenue and Manor Park crosswalk

Crosswalk stop sign run over again Friday

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - A car ran over the crosswalk sign at Detroit and Manor Park avenues Lakewood on Friday. Normally that might not be a big deal.

But consider a man was hit by a van in the same crosswalk on Wednesday and the crosswalk has been an ongoing concern by neighbors, then the smashed sign stood out.

A Lakewood police officer attempted to fix the sign, but it's been run over so many times it kept falling down. The officer left and came back with two sand bags to hold the crosswalk sign in place.

But neighbors said the small sign isn't enough to alert motorists who drive right through, despite pedestrians who activate the warning lights on the curbs. Many senior citizens live in nearby apartment buildings and cross the streets daily to go to the bank, the store and to run errands.

Lakewood Law Director Kevin Butler said the state did a vehicle traffic and pedestrian count, and concluded a stop light was no longer warranted at the intersection. If the city wanted to put up a new stop light, it would have to pay $140,000.

The city chose to remove the light at the risk of losing federal grant money. The stop light was taken down more than a year ago.

"There's only been one person hit in nearly 18 months," Butler said on Friday.

Butler said a stop light is not the answer, but is looking at how Marietta, Ohio marks its crosswalks with bigger signs and lights right over the middle of the street.

Lakewood City Council will now take up the safety issue during Tuesday night's meeting at 7:30 p.m.

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