Kringle's Inventionasium & Toy Shoppe serves up Christmas joy in a unique way

Last requests for Santa this year at Tower City

CLEVELAND - For the seventh year running, Mr. Kringle & Company have served up Kringle's Inventionasium on the lower floor of Tower City Center for Cleveland families.

That's only seven of the 30 years that the Markowitz family has been creating smiles during the holiday season. The company started handling holiday parties for many Cleveland area locations in 1997. It's been so successful that they've now branched out to Los Angeles locations.

Recently written up in TIME as one of the 11 best places in the States to visit Santa, the Melvin family from Lorain County found out why, first-hand, after riding in on one of RTA's trains Monday morning.

"We decided to take the rapid down this morning and maybe start a new tradition. We heard good things about the Santa feature down here. The kids have yet to see Santa Clause, so what better day than the first day of Christmas vacation," said Joel Melvin.

While the main draw is an amazing activity area - Kringle's Inventionasium & Toy Shoppe across the hall from Kris Kringle's top-secret office where he holds private visits for families - Santa has a gentle touch with every child he visits.

Joel and Diane's children Kasey and Quinn were able to get their Christmas morning requests in. Quinn seemed to only be excited about Christmas ornaments when asked by Kringle what he may want this year. Kasey, who was very sure of her wish, an American Doll, said getting her younger brother an ornament was not such a good idea.

"No, Santa shouldn't get him any ornaments, that's not a good idea. He breaks everything!" exclaimed Kasey Melvin.

For information on Kringle's go to or call 1-855-MrKringle.

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