'K-Love' traded to Cleveland for Octopus name at Cleveland Aquarium

MINNEAPOLIS - The trade that sent Timberwolves’ Kevin Love to Cleveland over the weekend also included another Minnesota deal.

K-Love, the octopus, will lose his name to Cleveland, too.  It will be traded to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium to be used for their giant pacific octopus.

SEA LIFE Minnesota thought the name should follow its human counterpart in the trade to Cleveland, even though the octopus will stay at Mall of America.

“The new K-Love octopus will be working on suction cup strength for rebounding, his three hearts will help him transition into a three-point threat, and he will focus on his jet propulsion to mirror the across-court passes Kevin Love has made famous over the past few years,” a news release said.

In return for the trade, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium will be giving SEA LIFE Minnesota the rights to its Octopus name, Ocho.

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