Justin Timberlake in Cleveland: Thousands brave another night of frigid temperatures to see JT

CLEVELAND - It was another night of frigid temperatures in Downtown Cleveland Thursday. Only this time around, Justin Timberlake was in town drawing thousands to his performance even if it is freezing outside. 

The wind chill made it seem like temperatures were in the single digits Thursday night and you saw it in how people moved around.

Concert-goers were either dashing from their vehicles to the restaurants or from the restaurants to Quicken Loans Arena. Everywhere you turned, you saw someone picking up the pace.

There were also plenty of people risking hypothermia to look "good" for JT.  After all, he did “bring sexy back,” said two concert-goers.

“Bone-chilling cold” is how Molly Roth described temperatures outside of  Quicken Loans Arena Thursday night. And still her daughter was out in just a sweater, no coat and shivering from the cold breeze blowing across Ontario.

Why wasn’t 15-year-old Hannah wearing a jacket? 

“Because it didn’t fit over my sweater so I just didn’t wear it!” she said laughing and arms folded. “One could only hope,” said Hannah’s friend joking of how Hannah's outfit will help win Justin over. Her mother watching Hanna flinch in the wind said, “I think she’s crazy!”

The frigid temperatures didn’t just put a cramp on their style for concert-goers, it also made the night difficult for those working in this frost. 

Good thing they were dressed for it.

All you could see were the eyes of some police officers, completely covered from head-to-toe as they directed traffic. It was the same for parking attendants and those selling tickets outside the Q. 

Kenneth Taylor looked as if he just landed somewhere in Alaska, sporting a big orange parka with a fur-lined hood.

“It pays to invest in a good winter coat,” said Taylor. “I had this awhile and it’s coming in handy. It is a bear out here. This weather is biting.” 

Taylor said the last time he was this cold was when the Browns were in a playoff game about 20 years ago.  Going back down memory lane he said, “My feet were so cold, I put my feet upside down in the bathroom on the radiator to unthaw them. I think it was 20 or 30 below that day!”

Taylor wasn’t enjoying the cold Thursday, but he wasn’t upset either. 

“You’ve got to come to work. It’s Christmas time. I’ve got to work. I’ve got to feed the family,” he said.

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