Johnny Manziel fan designs silver necklace as welcome

Johnny Football inspires jeweler

CLEVELAND - When Evan DeWitt watched ESPN's NFL Draft coverage, Johnny Manziel's money sign set off a light bulb in the unique jewelry design part of his creative mind.

DeWitt just had to do something for the former college stand out's arrival to Browns town.

"I thought that when the Browns selected Johnny Manziel that this was unbelievable, it's like a Hollywood script," said DeWitt.

For 34 years DeWitt has operated his jewelry business out of a small shop on the east side of the Colonial Arcade between Prospect Ave. and Euclid Ave. He has sold and designed jewelry for celebrities who many times desire their requests and purchases to remain anonymous. DeWitt has never violated that trust. That's why many of his high profile customers are of the return-variety.

"I often have been called to meet with high profile people in their hotel rooms when they come to Cleveland. I've designed things from right there. People know they can trust me," said DeWitt.

Hollywood movie crews visiting Cleveland have found they can trust DeWitt, as well. A last minute request for a custom ring to be delivered to the set of Criminal Activities, a film starring John Travolta, proved DeWitt's vast inventory could be counted on immediately.

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"I can't show you what the ring looks like, or discuss what scene it was used in, but I got an autographed picture of John with it on. They said he loved it," said Dewitt.

Serving stars from the music, film, and television industries, as well as hundreds of professional athletes, DeWitt simply likes to give his customers what they want, often changing designs to suit individual tastes.

But, DeWitt is hoping and unsolicited design for Johhny Manziel will find its way to the media-hyped rookie quarterback.

"It's a surprise. He doesn't anything about it. I've been working on it in my spare time," added DeWitt.

Offering it exclusively to NewsChannel 5 Thursday, the all-silver work appeared to be part pendant, part necklace.

"In my mind I'm thinking I take care of a lot of professional athletes and wouldn't be cool if I made a piece for Johnny Manziel. As time went on and they were closing in on signing his contract I thought what a greater prize to get than to get a custom-designed pendant when you sign your contract. It will be a little gift from me to Johnny, just as a token of our appreciation that he's in the city of Cleveland," said DeWitt.

Thursday DeWitt brought out the final design for its first viewing, hoping the media coverage will make its way to Manziel, or he will see it online, eventually either liking it as is, or ask for his own personal touch from DeWitt.

"It's at a size that's very visible, but not gaudy, just really tasteful and cool. But, it has his distinctive hands, his trademark now, and it's just a very cool piece that I think he would be proud to wear," said DeWitt.

Local, former Glenville High School stand out football player, Ohio State Buckeye star, and now NFL wide receiver, Ted Ginn, Jr., stopped into DeWitt's store during our NewsChannel 5 video shoot Thursday.

Ginn has been a longtime DeWitt fan. He said Manziel will appreciate DeWitt's gesture.

"It's great that someone will give you an emblem of what you are. To be Manziel in Cleveland is a big deal. It's a great success for our city, and this is some of the gifts that the city is giving him," said Ginn, Jr. "With a guy like DeWitt with the type of mind he has when it comes down to jewelry, he's a great guy to get a great gift from."

Stay tuned to NewsChannel5 to see if Manziel's gift finds its way to the Brown's second pick of the 2014 NFL Draft.

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