Hyland Software lands on Fortune Magazine's Top 100 'Best Places to Work 2014'

Westlake company scores 93rd on top 100 list

WESTLAKE,Ohio - Lee Caplan, who's worked at Hyland Software for 13 years, explained Tuesday that working at a company whose management promotes sharing fresh ideas has benefited him more than the company's spot on the Forbes Top 100 Places to Work list.

Caplan says Hyland's environment has grown from success breeding success.

"We're the creator of a product called On Base which is made up of many modules and various functionalities. We're into business process, automation. We help companies become more efficient by streamlining work processes, eliminating paper, creating audit-trails in today's work environment so that everyone can see who is doing what and when it's being done. Just improving the operations of the organizations that deploy our product," said Caplan.

What they do at Hyland Software may be an easy explanation for Caplan, but for those not savvy in the IT world it may as well be a foreign language. But it's the language of a successful work place translating to happy employees that landed the company on Fortune magazine's 2014 Best Places to Work top 100 list.

President & CEO of Hyland Software Bill Priemer says while the survey done by Fortune magazine partnering with the Great Place to Work Institute has been an honor, the company's employees have made the company the success it is now realizing. Finding success with a world-class product has allowed the company, founded in the early 1990s, to expand while utilizing creature comforts and amenities for its employees such as a fitness areas, a day care center and a large commissary not found at most companies.

"I joined this company in 1997 when we had about 40 people and we're now up to 1,650," said Priemer.

While two thirds of the voting for Fortune's award was done by the extensive employee surveys, Priemer says the company's success as a top 100 award-winner for Best Place to Work is more about how the employees work well together in just the right intellectual environment that translates into how they feel when they get up in the morning for work.

"We can talk about our great programs and all the benefits working with Hyland and this culture that we have cultivated but what really matters is what do our people feel. Is it impactful and do they really enjoy spending their time with us and with their colleagues at this company? And it turns out that they do," said Priemer.

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