Hugo Boss facility in Brooklyn announces expansion, new jobs

CLEVELAND - Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) announced Friday the Hugo Boss plant in Brooklyn will be expanding. The company plans to start a different production line, and a new three-year contract for workers has also been signed.

"Ohio is one of the leading manufacturing states in the country and you can see why when you look at what Hugo Boss is doing," Senator Brown said .

At the AFL-CIO North Shore office, Senator Brown joined Mark Milko from Workers United to share the news.

Milko said this new production line at the Brooklyn facility will be for made to order clothes.

"If somebody goes shopping and they want a suit with a different lining or a different button, they can order what they want, they would send the order to Hugo Boss in Brooklyn, and they would fill your order that way," explained Milko.

The announcement comes nearly two years after the plant was in a state of instability. Workers fought a plan to prevent the Brooklyn plant from closing and sending jobs overseas. The plant reopened in the summer of 2010 and 200 workers were rehired. They approved concessions included pay cuts.

Pay increases are a part of the new agreement and new jobs will likely be added this fall as a result of the new production line.

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