Heavy rains flood Great Northern Mall parking lot Monday evening

Owners lose thousands on totaled cars

NORTH OMSTED, Ohio - The heavy rains produced by Monday night’s thunderstorms flooded more than a dozen cars at Great Northern Mall in North Olmsted.
Carrie Rossini is wondered how far her insurance coverage will go. Her mini-van is a total loss. “I have insurance coverage. We’ll just see how far it goes,” Rossini said.

Storm sewers were no match for the deluge that fell. The high waters left Tyson Nguynes' brand new mini-van undriveable. There is no hope of getting it fixed. The trunk is absolutely filled with water. It’s not any better up front and the electrical system is shorted,” Nguynes explained.

The story is the same for Jessica Taylor’s Hyundai Sonata. “The security guard told me there was 42 inches of water. It’s probably a total loss,” Taylor said. “I spoke with my insurance agent this morning. As far as i know it's going to be covered under my comprehensive coverage. But since I don't have gap insurance, it's not going to be paid in full probably."

Jeff Rumancik with Sedamcik insurance says some of these vehicle owners will lose thousands if they don't have gap insurance. "It's basically going to cover the difference between the value of the vehicle and what the insurance company is going to pay if you still owe on that vehicle,” explained Rumancik.

Gap insurance usually runs an additional $30 a year. So Taylor has some strong advice: “Get gap insurance.  I will never not get it again. I learned my lesson.”

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