Gay Games table tennis experts paddle out to CWRU's Veale Center

3 divisions of expertise find gold at GG9 2014

CLEVELAND - Being involved in either LGBT community support, being a board member on several companies, foundations, or just volunteering in GG9 2014 is something that most visitors and anyone involved in the games this week will remember.

One family from Akron decided to do it all. Todd Wade, an Akron banker decided he wanted to get involved through his workplace, as well as invite his supportive family to ingrain themselves in this historic northeast Ohio weeklong event.

"What really got me involved in issues that were LGBT-related was marriage equality. I also serve on a board in Akron for the community AIDS Network and Akron Pride Initiative. So, being involved in being a straight ally when the Gay Games came was obvious that I wanted to participate," said Wade.

Both his wife Beth and 14-year-old daughter Chloe backed Wade as he worked his way around a paddle and several competitors Thursday. Playing close games, he missed out on the medals, but the experience is something all three will not soon forget.

"I am super excited that the Gay Games came to Cleveland. Ever since I came remember I've been very open-minded, very liberal and supportive of the LGBT community. I think it's so cool that they are here and my straight dad is competing in table tennis," exclaimed Chloe! "I love being here. I can judge a person by when I've told some of my friends that my dad is competing in the Gay Games. And it's very interesting because there is a very big mix of people my age who are either are very supportive, or very not. Saying that I'm supportive is usually a good way to tell if someone else is. It's always funny because they hear Gay Games and they assume my dad is gay and they get so confused. They are like, 'whaaaaat?' and I'm like, no he's just an ally," said Chloe Wade.

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