Garfield Heights police have issued 114 violations in school zones this school year

Speeders targeted in school zones

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - Garfield Heights police said so far this school year, it has issued 114 violations in school zones throughout the city. Sixty-nine violations happened in the winter months.

Crossing guard Carl Jezewski told NewsChannel5 speeders are putting students' safety at risk and it's especially dangerous during the dark winter mornings.

"Visibility is poor so if it's snowing or it's raining, you can't hardly see anything," Jezewski said.

Police said most violations are for drivers going 10 to 15 over the 20 mile per hour limit. A ticket can cost drivers anywhere from $170 to $230.

"When it is snowing, the roads are snow and ice covered. Even if a kid would run out by some chance, there's no way for them to stop in time to avoid striking the child," Officer Tom Piasecki with the Garfield Police Department said.

Garfield police warn drivers three traffic patrol cars look out for speeders at city school zones throughout the school year.

Carl Jezewski said he has called police when he spots speeders. His message to drivers? "It's a school zone, slow down!"

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