First Solar Eclipse of the year takes place Sunday

CLEVELAND - Get ready for the first solar eclipse of the year.

There are basically four types of eclipses. Sunday's will be an annual eclipse.

In a total solar eclipse, the moon covers the entire sun.

In an annual solar eclipse the moon does not cover the entire sun. There will be a ring of sun light on the outer portion. Still it a very impressive sight.

In Ohio Sunday night we will be able to see part of the eclipse starting at 8:22 lasting until sunset which is about 8:40.

Remember never look directly at the sun. Always get advice from a trained professional at how to view an eclipse.

Young and old trickled into Edgewater Park to witness the first solar eclipse of the year, anticipation growing. They settled in taking up their spots. Setting telescopes up. With still cameras filling in the gaps.

Jay Reynolds who is a research astronomer with CSU gets excited over these events. He has been doing this for decades but still maintains his enthusiasm. He loves talking about our planets and stars.

Jay said, "It happens only twice a year and most of the time it happens somewhere else, so for us to be able to see it no matter how short it is, it's great. It's fun"

Dan Stohlman who is an amateur photographer heard about the eclipse and had to head down to Edgewater to get some still pictures. He said that "it gives us a glimpse of something that is greater than ourselves."

If you missed this eclipse, there will be another eclipse in 2017. That eclipse will be about 90 to 95 percent.

Jay said to reserve your seats in Cleveland. There will be a total Eclipse in 2024.

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