Fertilize, zap weeds, over seed: Spring has sprung; tips for a lush lawn

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - The signs of spring are budding. There are lush lawns, fabulous flowers and trees bursting with color.

The sunny skies and warm temperatures on Tuesday had many people out shopping for shrubs, trees and flowers. Terri Bender was in search of color for her yard this year. Red, yellow and violet were her choices.

"This year, I am looking for something that isn't going to burn out by the time August gets here. Trying to find something that is hardy in the sun," she said.

Robert Duritza, store manager of Petitti Garden Centers in Strongsville, said there are three things to do now to get your yard in shape for summer.

- Get out and fertilize
- Zap the weeds
- Over seed the yard and get the grass thick and lush

If you want to get a lot of bang for your buck, Duritza suggested adding annuals to your yard. The flowers will add a pop of color that will last all season long.

"It's amazing what a few annuals will do to your curb appeal," he explained.

A few other tips include feeding the plants, sharpening the lawnmower blades and making sure to edge and keep the grass to about three inches high.

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