FBI calls email threats against Orange High School sophisticated, but not credible

CLEVELAND - The Cleveland office of the FBI called the ongoing email threats against Orange High School, sophisticated, but not credible, in a statement released Thursday.

Orange High has received a series of bomb threats in the last 12 days, causing school to close for three days last week while Pepper Pike police and the FBI investigated. But after authorities decided the threats were false, school resumed with heightened security.

In Thursday's statement, the FBI said, "The person or persons responsible for these threatening communications are using a sophisticated method of masking their emails which makes it difficult to track and identify their origin."

The FBI went on to say that the content of the threatening emails had been analyzed, while agents considered them very serious, "we believe the specific threats are not credible."

One of the reasons given for a lack of credibility is what the FBI described as a very limited knowledge of the types of explosives and biological threats that the emails referenced.

Pepper Pike police and the FBI continue their investigation to identify the sender of the threats, while working with the Orange School District to keep students and staff safe.

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