Family of 21-year-old Ashley Leszyeski wants answers in her death

CLEVELAND - The family of 21-year-old Ashley Leszyeski wants answers. They are frustrated her killer hasn't been caught.

A small group of family members stood outside of the 4th District Police Headquarters chanting, holding signs and passing out flyers. They hope that someone who knows something comes forward.

May 6, 2013 was the last time Ashley's mother spoke with her daughter. Ashley was reportedly heading to a store on East 93rd Street. She would never be heard from again.

For days and then weeks, Ashley's family searched for Ashley and answers. "We searched so many abandoned homes, so many. I searched closets, praying to God to find her but hoping not to find her, "said Tina Leszyeski, Ashley's sister.

Ashley's body was found a few weeks later at East 93rd Street and Anderson. The search for Ashley ended but the search for answers was just beginning. "We want to know what happened to our sister. We want answers. I don't want to do this next year. I want to be thinking we know now, we know," said Tina Leszyeski.

The family said they have not heard from police in months. Cleveland police said they do not have any positive information to share with the family. Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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