PHOTOS: Family of bunnies makes a home in the front lawn at the recreation center in Brooklyn

Employees keeping watchful eye on the bunnies

BROOKLYN, Ohio - The first week of August, employees at the John M. Coyne Recreation Center in Brooklyn discovered a family of newborn bunnies in the lawn in the front of the recreation center.

The bunnies had made their home near a slope in the grass just near the driveway to the front of the building.  Fearing that the bunnies would roll into the busy roadway, recreation center employees built a makeshift shelter to protect them while they grow.

Recreation Center Manager Maria McGinty said they spotted the bunnies when they were very tiny and their eyes had not even opened yet. In the past week and a half, the bunnies have continued to grow and thrive as the mother bunny continues to return and feed them and take care of them.

(According to the Humane Society, mothers feed baby rabbits only twice a day: at dawn and dusk. Baby rabbits found alone in a nest are usually not orphans.)

McGinty said that because they are surrounded by four sides of streets, the recreation center employees have been keeping a close eye on them so they don't get run over as they have a tendency to migrate to the street in front of the building.

Employees have also been taking special care when mowing the lawn not to disturb the bunnies.

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