Fairview Park service workers pick up trash during Republic Waste Services sympathy strike

FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio - Fairview Park only has one week a month when big and bulky trash is carried off by Republic Waste Services.

But a sympathy strike in support of the company's Youngstown location has caused a work stoppage leaving 6,000 homes without trash service.

"It would be great if someone would notify you as to when these inconvenient pickups are going to happen or not going to happen. Let's put it that way," said homeowner Nikki Bais.

As Fairview Park service workers cleaned up the curbs on Wednesday, Bais said she has had enough of the strike.
"They're always talking about keeping the city beautiful, keeping up your yard and notifying when things aren't looking good. But then we have the trash sitting out for days on end," she said.

Hank Hout said he has grown tired of the strike and garbage pile up.

"I am just so happy we got the city of Fairview picking this up because they never went on strike in the 30 years I lived in Fairview they were never on strike," Hout said.

Fairview Park Mayor Eileen Patton said as soon as they found out about the strike they turned to Facebook, Twitter and their website to get the news out.

Patton said the city outsourced waste management to Republic Waste Services six years ago.

"When we did outsource, we kept two trucks, so we met with our service workers yesterday morning… We asked for their cooperation in getting back on those garbage trucks after six years, helping us with the brush, pickup and bulk pickup throughout the community," Patton said.

Patton said she will make sure Republic Waste Services fulfills its obligations under the contract and that this never happens again.
"We've been in constant contact with Republic and the manager here in this district to give us almost hour to hour, up to date on what's going on. We're expecting two trucks to come in to our city and they will work until it's picked up, hopefully through the weekend as well. They notified us they would be bringing in workers from out of state," Patton said.

There will be no recycling this week. Pickup through the rest of the week will only be for rubbish, bulk and yard waste.
"I don't understand that at all. Sympathy striking. So I could see supporting each other, but what is that accomplishing?" Bais said.

Patton said any expenses incurred as a result of the strike will be taken care of by Republic Waste Services.

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