Fairview Park Police volunteer resigns after he is accused of racist comments on social media

FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio - NOTE: This article contains vulgar language.


A Fairview Park Police Department volunteer has resigned from the department after he was accused of posting inflammatory and racist comments on social media.

Aaron McNamara, 20, was featured in a Cleveland Scene article that alleged he made comments on YouTube videos that called black people by racist terms such as "jungle monkey" and "spooks."

Those accounts have since been deleted, Scene reported.

newsnet5.com obtained the resignation letter McNamara wrote to the department, in which he asserts that the statements were made in his "youth," and that he regrets them now. He continues:

The comments I made in those particular videos were a product of my youth and immaturity; by no means am I a prejudice individual. I am an advocate for equality, and I am highly disappointed in myself for the statements I had previously made. I cannot recollect the most recent comment I was accused of making in February 2014, but I am not denying the claim.

Fairview Park Police Lt. Paul Shepard told newsnet5.com that the department has not seen the comments, but after being contacted by Scene, they interviewed McNamara, "and upon (the interview's) conclusion, (McNamara) was asked to resign."

Shepard said that McNamara was a volunteer, and as such, could not make arrests. He was responsible for assisting with parades, traffic control, service-oriented calls and locking up the parks.

McNamara had volunteered 45 hours in the past five months, and Shepard added that he "never displayed any prejudicial leanings, nor did any arise during his background check."

"The City of Fairview Park does not tolerate this type of conduct from any person working or volunteering for this city," he added.

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