Fairview Park receives Safe Routes to School funds

FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio - Elena Rego of Fairview Park will be driving her 11-year-old to school this year. She says walking is out of the question.

"I don't think it's safe," she said. "I don't think the drivers watch where they're going. I think there's crazy people in the world.  I drive her to school every day."

However, schools across Ohio are finding ways to make routes safe for students to walk and bike to school.

In Fairview Park, for example, Ohio Department of Transportation grants will be used to improve sidewalks and crosswalks and to educate students about the benefits of walking to school.

The city's development administrator, Matt Hrubey said it's a step in making Fairview Park a "pedestrian friendly community," and it's good for health and for the environment.

Other districts have chosen to use the money to hire crossing guards.

ODOT makes $4 million in Safe Routes to School funds available each year to cities and school districts with travel safety plans. The application period is from January to March.

Rego thinks it's a good idea, but her decision to drive her daughter to school hasn't changed.

"It might as she gets older," she said

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