Exclusive: Family members of local FBI agent investigating Boston bombings speaks out

 A local family is rejoicing this weekend after news broke late Friday that the second Boston bomber suspect was arrested.

Stark County's Ernie and Fran Aranyosi were on pins and needles Friday evening while their son, a Lake High School and Baldwin Wallace University graduate, went to work in Watertown, MA.

It was the most dangerous place in the United States that their son could have been at that very moment.

The Aranyosi's son, who will not be identified for security purposes, is a Special Agent in the FBI with extensive training in explosive devices.

Aranyosi was stationed at the FBI Bureau in Washington D.C.. when he was called out to sift through the debris at the Boston Marathon finish line where three people were killed and nearly two hundred others were injured when two homemade bombs were detonated Monday.

Thursday evening, Aranyosi was moved to Watertown, MA when the suspected Boston bomber brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev reappeared robbing a convenience store, shooting an MIT security guard and engaging in shootout with police where homemade bombs were thrown into the street.

Tamerlan died during the shootout, his brother Dzhokhar escaped but was located late Friday evening hiding in a winterized boat on Franklin Street.

The Aranyosi's waited for a text or phone call - any sign that their son was alright. "The FBI takes their phones away when they are out on scene, so we never know when we are going to hear from him" said Ernie Aranyosi.

The message came around 2 a.m..

It was brief, but to the point. Their son texted and said he was busy working but was okay and told his parents he loved them.

It wasn't much, but it was enough to settle his parent's nerves for the time being.

The Aranyosi's aren't sure what role their son had late Friday evening, but they are confident whatever the role was, their son was in his element. "He told us the scene was unreal, like he was in a movie" said Ernie.

"He always loved adrenaline. I guess that's what playing high school football and college ball will do to a guy...being at the FBI keeps that excitement going" said Ernie Aranyosi.

Saturday, Aranyosi remained in Watertown, MA processing the many scenes from Friday's chaos. He was finally out of harm's way, for the time being, and his parents, family and friends could not be more proud.

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