Electric car-charging stations to be installed in Cuyahoga County by fall 2012

Three charging stations set to begin soon

CLEVELAND - At Pat O'Brien Cheverolet dealership in Westlake, Dave Emsh waited for a meeting inside the service garage. His electric Chevrolet Volt wasn't in for service.

"It's extremely reliable, never had any issues with it. I've driven it for 11,000 miles," said Emsh.

Emsh is one of many sustainable energy-conscious drivers who uses his car for his job, but so far in the Cleveland area has had to charge his car at home.

"I don't anywhere but my house to get them charged right now, but some of the hotels I stay at are starting are starting to put them in," said Emsh.

That will soon change in some parts of Cuyahoga County if Cleveland City Council members have anything to do with it. They approved funds for Cleveland Public Power to build and maintain three new charging stations which are scheduled to be built starting September or October 2012. They are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

One station will be built near the 9th Street ramp of the Municipal Parking lot on South Marginal Road. One other at the zoo. A third location is to be determined later. Ward 15 council member Matt Zone was part of Monday's unanimous vote.

"If those are successful on site at the mini lot and the zoo, we want to expand those facilities as well," said Zone.

"I think it's a great idea, it will make my life much easier," said Emsh.

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