Eastern Orthodox church in North Royalton observes Good Friday

Candlelight procession held in North Royalton

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio - Good Friday services for those of Eastern Orthodox faith were held St. Paul Greek Orthodox Church in North Royalton.

A candlelight procession took place, as hundreds of parishioners walked with a flower-covered representation of the tomb of Christ, or Epitaphio.

The reason Easter is observed at a different time compared to other Christian churches?

Many Orthodox churches retained the Julian calendar after the Gregorian calendar was introduced in Europe in 1582. Therefore, they often follow a different Easter date compared with many western churches.

Eastern Orthodox Christians also hold an afternoon service, where the figure of Christ is removed from the cross and placed on the Epitaphio.

During the evening service, the congregation joins the choir in the lamentations for Christ. Then the entire congregation exits the church and the funeral procession is conducted.

The procession will stop at each corner, announcing to the world that they are Christians and are mourning the passing of Christ.

Everyone carries a candle through the silent procession. After Good Friday services everyone is given a carnation or a rose from the Epitaphio to take home.

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