Dover student recovering from April heart transplant

Logan Martin finds new life with new heart

CLEVELAND - Logan Martin and his mother Union Hospital R.N. Debbie Edwards sat quietly in a Cleveland Clinic waiting room Thursday, just three weeks after Logan underwent an emergency heart transplant .

Unless you knew that the Dover High School senior had just been on a three month medical journey that relied on a donor heart for his survival, you would never know it. Martin was like any other 2014 graduate - ready for summer.

"Every day, the more I do, the more tired I get. But, then the next day I'll wake up and feel like ten times stronger depending on how much I did. Every day I just feel a hundred times better," said Martin. "My outlook has changed so much. I realize how much every little moment can mean, and how fast it can be taken away from you."

Logan's mother Debbie explained Thursday that the emotions of the successful April 16 surgery were often times overwhelming.

When the call came that the clinic had found a donor heart to the moment Logan entered the operating room, Edward's role as mother involved in an organ donor situation kicked in from her other role as an emergency room nurse at Union Hospital.

"I was excited for his future at that moment, but being a mom myself I was also sad because I knew that there was a family out there that was having a really hard time at that moment and I don't what that would be like, I just know that I hope it comforts them that they have changed our lives and they have given him a future. And I'm so appreciative of that," said Edwards.

For now, Logan Martin has to be careful when it comes to germs and being around crowds of people.

His prom? Martin said it will be a private affair with a close friend. "It will be at a nice place to eat."

His goal for summer? "I'm going to go swimming as soon as I am able. I can't wait," exclaimed Martin.

Martin's surgeon, Dr. Robert Stewart said Logan's quick recovery is common these days. "When you send a patient out the door with a brand new heart and they look like they're a normal 18-year-old kid again, it's a great feeling," said Stewart.

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