Dog shot twice and left for dead in Cleveland Heights

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio - Doctors and volunteers are working hard to keep a full-grown mastiff alive.

Dee Shedlow, a professional dog walker, found the animal chained to a tree and left for dead at Forest Hill Park in Cleveland Heights on Monday.

"It looked like he had been involved in a dog fight as well because he had several puncture wounds. He had puncture wounds in his ear, the side of his face. So, this dog had been through a lot," said Dr. Rick Thompson of the Garfield Heights Family Pet Clinic.

Police in Cleveland Heights rushed the animal to the clinic Monday afternoon only to discover that the animal was shot twice.

Thompson described the gunshot wounds as one in the dog's chest and another in his jaw. The bullet in the jaw could not be removed, Thompson told NewsChannel5. 

"To see the picture and to hear the story is just bad enough. I didn't have to see it for my heart to break," said Ann Trupo, whose friend discovered the mastiff.  Trupo said she heard the gunshots inside the park Sunday night and immediately connected the dots after Shedlow sent her a photo of the wounded animal.

To the person or people who did this, Trupo said, "I hope we find them and I hope we can get some more immediate justice... There's just a sickness and absolutely evil, and it hurts my heart to even know, they walk among us. It's a scary thing."

Even though Thompson initially thought the dog could die, he excitedly told NewsChannel5 the mastiff was up and eating the day after sedation and surgery. 

"What we get to do is we get to turn things around and we get to help out," Thompson said. "Working hand-in-hand with the Cuyahoga County kennel. They do a nice job, so we get the dog stabilized and then when they're transported back to their hospital facility. They keep the care going."

Cleveland Heights police confirmed the dog is now at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter, continuing treatment, which is an accumulating cost, according to Trupo. 

To help cover costs, PAWS, or Public Animal Welfare Society, is accepting donations. You can visit: or call 440-442-PAWS and be sure to mention "Forest  Hills" or "mastiff" so the money goes to the dog found.

There is no information on any arrests in this case.

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