Dog runs away from crash site, family asks for help finding their beloved pet Rosco

Reward offered to find missing family pet

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio - A family dog is missing, after running away from an accident site in Parma Heights.

The crash happened after school on Nov. 13 on Kingsdale Boulevard near Tiffany Lane. Two of the three girls involved in the serious car crash are recovering, but their best friend remains at a local hospital, where she suffers from a head injury and awaits surgery on her jaw.

The sisters and their friend were grabbing a snack at McDonald's with Rosco, when their Jeep broke a tie rod and the girls crashed. That's when Rosco took off.

"My girls took Rosco with them everywhere," said Irene Wachsman, the mother of the sisters and owner of Rosco. "We have searched, placed flyers, checked shelters and police stations in surrounding areas. There have been sightings of him, but no luck in bringing him home."

The family said the most recent Rosco sighting was Friday near the creek on York Road by the Drug Mart. It's near the Tri-C campus.

"We've been searching for Rosco every day, hoping to find him, but we haven't had any sightings since Friday and we're just so sick over it."

Rosco is medium in size and black in color, with a distinct fluffy/curly tail, a white chest and white on the toes of his paws. He did not have his collar on at the time.

The family is offering a cash reward to whoever finds Rosco and helps the family bring him safely back home.

If you see Rosco, please call Irene at (216) 323-3718.

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