Darlene Odom, mother of suspect charged in murder of Lakewood teacher Maggie Daniels, loses her cool

Investigators say a Lakewood native was strangled to death by her neighbor.

Maggie Daniels, who moved to North Carolina to teach, was found dead in her apartment in June . At a news conference Monday, the sheriff discussed the arrest of Sharman Odom , her neighbor.

Law enforcement officers noticed several fresh scratches on Odom when they first interviewed him.

Odom also appeared in court Monday and the judge announced that a conviction for Daniels’s murder could lead to the death penalty.

That’s when Odom’s family stormed out. His mother, Darlene Odom, then lost her cool and allegedly attacked a reporter and two photographers outside the courtroom.

She was charged with three counts of assault and is due in court next month.

One of the photographers was treated for a cut to his face.

Sharman Odom remains behind bars.

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