Cyberbullying conference held at John Carroll University in Cleveland

CLEVELAND - Around 100 middle school students from nine counties in northeast Ohio attended a conference on cyberbullying Wednesday held at John Carroll University.

Topics addressed included sexting, social media and safety, plus cyberbullying. 

Students attended small discussion groups, acted out skits, and played quiz games on what they learned. Three students told NewsChannel5 they have been bullied before.

"If you try to stop it, you're afraid that you'll be the next victim," said Kaylee Alheit, a seventh grader at Woodridge Middle School. "You don't understand how it is until it happens to you."

Organizers want students to take what they learned at the conference and put it into action in their own schools.

JCU's Diversity Center said cyberbullying is a topic they're keeping alive by continuing to have open conversations with kids.

"They can't come and spend the day with us and expect for everything to change," said Shemariah Arki from the Diversity Center. "It can't be a one time deal."

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